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Land is obviously obligatory in real estate for the obvious reason that it is where the property stands. The value of a house depends on the value of land among other considerations. Before one gets into construction, land becomes a major concern. The demand of housing also depends on the customer’s preference which is also greatly determined by different factors concerning land.
This article points out some important issues of land that will determine your marketing as well as your overall performance in this business.


This is key in real estate because no client will want to buy a home where he will have to drive or walk for several kilometers before getting to the main road. Ensure that the location of the land is easily accessible. This is particularly a major issue in urban centers.


This is the usefulness of the land. Every land is good; the difference is in the use of the land. Land for agriculture, quarrying, and mining are different from those of building a house. Avoid buying marsh places with slopes and landslides as this would not only be costly in construction but also difficult in construction houses.


This involves the usefulness of the land. Here issues of water become very prominent. It is much more comfortable to live in places with good water supply. In some cases, water might be there but the problem would be the quality of the water that could be altered by industries that could be in the area.


This is the right of any other person using land without owning it. In other words the land is for the public. Make sure that the land that you want to buy is free from us by any other person. This may cause interference and conflict. The best way to do this is to use a professional and government land surveyor who will measure the land and issue you with a title deed from the relevant authority.